Contact Information

LIHI Main Phone Number: (206) 443-9935
Questions About Housing: (206) 443-9935 ext. 3
Email:  (*to contact LIHI staff members via email, click on their names below.)


Sharon Lee Executive Director  
Aaron Long Executive Assistant, Communications Specialist, Front Desk, Housing Questions, Fund Development/Donations, Website, Housing Washington 206-443-9935
Pam Sonderland Human Resources Manager
Mark Hodge Information Systems Manager
Stephen Elaimy Grants Manager 206-957-8033
Mercedes Elizalde Volunteer Programs Coordinator - New Doors Academy (on site programs), advocacy & Urban Rest Stop 206-595-3271
Melissa Tiberio Volunteer Programs Coordinator – Group projects, service-learning & special events 206-957-8035


Lynne Behar Chief Financial Officer 206-957-8023
Thomas Ge Finance Manager 206-957-8021
Yijing Qian Agency Accounting Manager 206-957-8056
Aleksandr Gavralov Accountant II - Payroll 206-957-8068
Sharon Freeman Accounts Payable 206-957-8046

Supportive Services

Charese Jones Manager Supportive Services 206-718-6962
Andrew Clark Veterans Case Manager Fleetwood Apts GPD (vets) 360-705-1228
Courtney Francis Case Manager Arion Court GPD (Vets) 206-450-8734
Sandra Gardner Case Manager Meadowbrook 206-659-2319
Hodan Kariye Case Manager Martin Court families 206-595-3101
Hazel Moraleja Case Manager Martin Court singles 206-763-5387
Janet Alcantara Case Manager Cate Apts. GPD (vets) 206-782-2114
Chelsea Millin Case Manager Bart Harvey 206-805-2084
Kileigh AndrusCase Manager Denny Park
Columbia Court
Broadway House
Paul PorterCase Manager Glen Apts.
Jensen Block
Julie Apts.
Kara Leopard-CooperCase Manager Sunset Meadows
Tyree Scott
White River garden
Sandra Mines Case Manager Frye Apartments 206-405-4506 ext 17
Arthur Warmoth Case Manager Frye Apartments 206-405-4506 ext 14
Richard Webber Case Manager Frye Apartments 206-405-4506 ext 15
Jeff Driscol "Coming Home Program" Frye Apartments 206-405-4506 ext 16

Housing Development

Brad Reuling Construction Project Manager  
John Torrence Development Associate 206-957-8052
Robin Amadon Housing Developer

Housing Management

Peggy NewcombeArea Manager 206-957-8043
Ms. Newcombe oversees the following properties:
Nerissa Johnson Auburn Manor, Program Coordinator
Rainier View, Program Coordinator
Wanda Cansler Cedar Heights, Program Coordinator
Frank Chopp Place, Program Coordinator
Lisa Sampaio-Ozbun Frank Chopp, Housing Assistant 360-377-7744
Kathy Turner Fleetwood Apartments, Program Coordinator
Arbor Manor, Program Coordinator
Mei Wei Xing May Valley, Resident Manager 425-917-0459
Julia Dillon White River Garden, Program Coordinator
Sunset Meadows, Program Coordinator
Ally Koerber Magnolia Villa, Program Coordinator360-491-3924
Leigh Ann ColemanArea Manager 206-245-1995
Ms. Coleman oversees the following properties:
Mary Cunningham
Vicki Brand
Ernestine Anderson Pl, Program Coordinator
Ernestine Anderson Pl, Live In Building Assistant
Meuy Saelee Tyree Scott, Program Coordinator 
Martin Court, Program Coordinator
Gossett Place, Live In Building Assistant  206-245-1995
Hannah RudnickArea Manager 206-262-1178
Ms. Rudnick oversees the following properties:
Valencia Manora Squire Park Plaza, Program Coordinator
Union James, Program Coordinator
, Program Coordinator
Maria Carrasco Lakeview Apartments, Program Coordinator
Jensen Block Apartments, Program Coordinator
Valencia ManoraJulie Apartments, Program Coordinator
Broadway House, Program Coordinator
Denny Park, Program Coordinator
Columbia Court, Program Coordinator
Michael Jones Glen Hotel, Housing Assistant 206-467-0646
Tony Williams Area Manager 206-417-3626
Mr. Williams oversees the following properties:
Susan Winn Aki Kurose Village, Program Coordinator 206-365-9955
Lynn DeMarco Meadowbrook View, Program Coordinator
Greenwood House, Program Coordinator
Tony Williams McDermott Place, Special Projects Manager 206-417-3626
Kim Haskell Area Manager 425-771-5064
Ms. Haskell oversees the following properties:
Serge Djang Arion Court, Program Coordinator 206-343-1375
Darlene Herald Brentwood, Housing Assistant 425-771-5064
Maurisa Breton Cedarwood II, Resident Manager 425-335-5406
Carol Pearce Meadowdale, Program Coordinator 425-742-6860
Beth Sherdell Denice Hunt Townhomes, Program Coordinator
Cate Apartments, Program Coordinator
Ms. Mueller oversees the following properties:
Tiffany Mueller Frye Hotel, Special Project Manager 206-405-4506 x11
Scott Freutel The Bart Harvey, Program Coordinator 206-518-6118

Facilities Staff

John Syverson Facilities Manager 206-957-8054
Marie Winjum Housing Assistant 206-957-8064

Urban Rest Stop

Ronni Gilboa Urban Rest Stop Manager 206-332-0113
Urban Rest Stop 1924 9th Avenue, Seattle, WA 98101
(On 9th Avenue between Stewart and Virginia)