Contact Information

LIHI Main Phone Number: (206) 443-9935
Questions About Housing: (206) 443-9935 ext. 3
Email:  (*to contact LIHI staff members via email, click on their names below.)


Sharon Lee Executive Director  
Aaron Long Executive Assistant, Communications Specialist, Front Desk, Housing Questions, Fund Development/Donations, Website, Housing Washington 206-443-9935
Pam Sonderland Human Resources Manager
Mark Hodge Information Systems Manager
Stephen Elaimy Grants Manager 206-957-8033
Mercedes Elizalde Volunteer Programs Coordinator - New Doors Academy (on site programs), advocacy & Urban Rest Stop 206-595-3271
Melissa Tiberio Volunteer Programs Coordinator – Group projects, service-learning & special events 206-957-8035


Lynne Behar Chief Financial Officer 206-957-8023
Thomas Ge Finance Manager 206-957-8021
Yijing Qian Agency Accounting Manager 206-957-8056
Aleksandr Gavralov Accountant II - Payroll 206-957-8068
Sharon Freeman Accounts Payable 206-957-8046

Supportive Services

Charese Jones Manager Supportive Services 206-718-6962
Andrew Clark Veterans Case Manager Fleetwood Apts GPD (vets) 360-705-1228
Courtney Francis Case Manager Arion Court GPD (Vets) 206-450-8734
Sandra Gardner Case Manager Meadowbrook 206-659-2319
Hodan Kariye Case Manager Martin Court families 206-595-3101
Jose Ruiz Case Manager Martin Court singles 206-763-5387
Alicia McJannet Case Manager Cate Apts. GPD (vets) 206-782-2114
Arthur Warmoth Case Manager Cheryl Chow Court 206-706-2862
Kileigh AndrusCase Manager Denny Park
Columbia Court
Broadway House
Ann KellerCase Manager Glen Apts.
Jensen Block
Julie Apts.
Kara Leopard-CooperCase Manager Sunset Meadows
Tyree Scott
White River garden
Sandra Mines Case Manager Bart Harvey 206-805-2084  
 Case Manager Frye Apartments 206-405-4506 ext 14
 Case Manager Frye Apartments 206-405-4506 ext 15
Jeff Driscol "Coming Home Program" Frye Apartments 206-405-4506 ext 16

Housing Development

Brad Reuling Construction Project Manager  
John Torrence Housing Developer 206-957-8052
Robin Amadon Housing Developer
Whitney Rearick Housing Developer
Monica Joe Housing Development Associate

Housing Management

Tiffany Mueller Area Manager 206-957-8043
Ms. Mueller oversees the following properties:
Amy Sorenson Auburn Manor, Program Coordinator
Rainier View, Program Coordinator
Wanda Cansler Cedar Heights, Program Coordinator
Frank Chopp Place, Program Coordinator
Lisa Sampaio-Ozbun Frank Chopp, Housing Assistant 360-377-7744
Kathy Turner Fleetwood Apartments, Program Coordinator
Arbor Manor, Program Coordinator
Mei Wei Xing May Valley, Resident Manager 425-917-0459
Julia Dillon White River Garden, Program Coordinator
Sunset Meadows, Program Coordinator
  Magnolia Villa, Program Coordinator360-491-3924
Leigh Ann Coleman Area Manager 206-245-1995
Ms. Coleman oversees the following properties:
Avon Curtis Cheryl Chow Court, Program Coordinator 206-789-1590
Meuy SaeleeAugust Wilson Place, Program Coordinator  
Angela Balderama Gossett Place, Live In Building Assistant  206-245-1995
Ralph Neis Area Manager 206-957-8043
Mr. Neis oversees the following properties:
Mei Wei Xing May Valley, Resident Manager 425-917-0459
Mary Cunningham
Vicki Brand
Ernestine Anderson Pl, Program Coordinator
Ernestine Anderson Pl, Live In Building Assistant
Scott Freutel The Bart Harvey, Program Coordinator 206-518-6118
hiringBroadway House, Program Coordinator
Denny Park, Program Coordinator
Columbia Court, Program Coordinator
Michael Jones Glen Hotel, Program Coordinator 206-467-0646
Tony Williams Area Manager 206-417-3626
Mr. Williams oversees the following properties:
Susan Winn Aki Kurose Village, Program Coordinator 206-365-9955
Lynn DeMarco Meadowbrook View, Program Coordinator
Greenwood House, Program Coordinator
Tony Williams McDermott Place, Special Projects Manager 206-417-3626
Tony Williams Copper Lantern Homes;
Dayton, Tolson, Wright, and Ninth Houses
Kim Haskell Area Manager 425-771-5064
Ms. Haskell oversees the following properties:
Marci SpillmanArion Court, Program Coordinator 206-343-1375
Darlene Herald Brentwood, Housing Assistant 425-771-5064
Maurisa Breton Cedarwood II, Resident Manager 425-335-5406
Carol Pearce Meadowdale, Program Coordinator 425-742-6860
Maria Carrasco Denice Hunt Townhomes, Program Coordinator
Cate Apartments, Program Coordinator
Hannah Rudnick Area Manager 206-262-1178
Ms. Rudnick oversees the following properties:
  Frye Hotel, Leasing and Occupancy Specialist 206-405-4506 x12
John Rowe Area Manager 206-957-8034
Mr. Rowe oversees the following properties:
hiringLakeview Apartments, Program Coordinator
Jensen Block Apartments, Program Coordinator
Lacresha Lowery Julie Apartments, Housing Assistant 206-447-5175
Andrea Gore Tyree Scott, Program Coordinator 
Martin Court, Program Coordinator

Facilities Staff

John Syverson Facilities Manager 206-957-8054
Marie Winjum Housing Assistant 206-957-8064

Urban Rest Stop

Ronni Gilboa Urban Rest Stop Manager 206-332-0113
Urban Rest Stop 1924 9th Avenue, Seattle, WA 98101
(On 9th Avenue between Stewart and Virginia)