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Transitional Housing info (not LIHI housing)

How to Apply for LIHI Housing   (Como se aplica para alojamiento de LIHI: en español clic AQUI)

LIHI is one of the most productive affordable housing developers in the Northwest. LIHI owns and/or manages over 1,800 housing units at over 40 sites in six counties throughout the Puget Sound region. Eighty percent of LIHI housing is reserved for households earning less than 30 percent of the area median household income.

LIHI housing falls into 2 basic categories:

1) Housing where the rent is 30% of the tenant’s income. This housing is reserved for persons making 30% or less of the Area Median Income: about $18,000/year. The majority of this housing is reserved for seniors, persons with disabilities, or families with children 18 and under. Each property that has these units keeps a waiting list. To get on the waiting list, please call the manager of the property. To see a list of these properties, please see the Waitlist Properties section below.

2) Housing that has a fixed rent amount. There is no waiting list for these units. Vacancies are listed below in the Vacancies section. These units require that the tenant have income equal to two times the amount of the rent. So, if the rent for a unit is $500/month, then the tenant must have income of $1000/month to qualify.  Applications must be mailed, faxed, or emailed to the manager's office at the property. Do not send any applications to the LIHI main office. We do our best to list vacancies on this page as they happen, but if you are interested in a particular property please call the onsite manager of that property as they will have the most up-to-date vacancy information. Click for a complete list of LIHI properties.

WAITLIST PROPERTIES (rent is 30% of your income for all of these units):
  The following properties keep waitlists. Click on the name of each property for more information, including location, income and other restrictions, and contact info. You will need to call the manager of a property to get on its waiting list. Do not mail in an application. You must first talk to the manager and then they will send you an application specific to their property.

The maximum income for a single person to qualify for these units is about $18,000/year. For exact figure or for larger household sizes please contact the manager of the property you are interested in.

If you are a Senior (62+) you are eligible for these properties:

The Bart Harvey (Seattle) -- Waiting List Currently Closed: no new applications being accepted. (206) 518-6118  Restricted for age 62+
Cedar Heights (Port Orchard) -- (360) 876-5320  No restriction: open to anyone meeting income req.
Cedarwood (Lake Stevens) -- (425) 335-5406  Restricted for age 62+, disabled, or families with children
Cheryl Chow Court (Ballard) --  Waiting List Currently Closed:  no new applications being accepted Restricted for age 62+
Rainier View (Puyallup) -- (253) 770-0433  Restricted for age 62+

If you are Disabled you are eligible for these properties:

Cedar Heights (Port Orchard) -- (360) 876-5320  No restriction:  open to anyone meeting income req.
Cedarwood (Lake Stevens) -- (425) 335-5406  Restricted for age 62+, disabled, or families with children

If you have Children (18 or younger), you are eligible for these properties:

Auburn Manor (Auburn) -- (253) 735-0853  Restricted for families with children
Brentwood (Mountlake Terrace) -- (425) 771-5064  Restricted for families with children
Cedar Heights (Port Orchard) -- (360) 876-5320  No restriction:  open to anyone meeting income req.
Cedarwood (Lake Stevens) -- (425) 335-5406  Restricted for age 62+, disabled, or families with children
Magnolia Villa (Lacey) -- (360) 491-3924  Restricted for families with children

If you are Homeless, Single, or don't qualify for any of the categories above, you may be eligible for the following properties:

Cedar Heights (Port Orchard) -- (360) 876-5320  No restriction:  open to anyone meeting income req.

Vacancies (no waiting list) (Viviendas disponibles):

For the units listed in this section, mail, fax, email, or hand deliver a PRE-APPLICATION directly to the manager of the unit you are interested in. WE WILL NOT ACCEPT ANY APPLICATIONS AT THE MAIN OFFICE.

Applications are processed on a first come, first served basis. If your application is approved, the apartment manager will contact you and explain the next steps you will need to take. You will need to respond quickly. If you do not, they will contact the next applicant in line. Managers will take the first qualified tenant with a deposit to hold the unit. Once the unit you have applied for is filled, all applications for that unit will be destroyed. Neither the apartment manager nor LIHI will keep any applications on file. You must submit a new application for each new vacancy you are interested in.

Rent Amount note: Rents are listed either as a $ figure or as a % of income. If it is a $ figure, then the rent is that amount. If it is a %, then rent will be an amount equal to that % of your monthly income.

Section 8 Voucher note: all units in this section accept Section 8 vouchers.

For more information, visit our FAQ.  Para más información, visite nuestro  FAQ.

Current Vacancies (Viviendas disponibles): Below is a list of currently vacant units. Listings are separated by dotted lines.  -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Property Name: Copper Lantern Apartments

Location of Copper Lantern (not mailing address for application): 7026 NE 182nd Street, Kenmore, WA
Unit #: 18230-204
Rent Amount:$1137.00
Income Restrictions: Your gross income must be at least $2,274.00/month
Your income can be a maximum of: 2 persons/$43,020 combined annual gross income, 3 persons/$48,420 4 persons/$53,760, 5 persons/$58,080.
Unit Size: 2BR 2 BA
Maximum Household Size:  5
Minimum Household Size:  2
Other Criteria/Restrictions: No Pets/Screening Fee of $38.00
Comments/Unit Special Features: W/S/G included Washer/Dryer In Unit/1 Non Covered Parking Space
Send your application for this unit to:

Negash Mahmud/Resident Manager
email: nmahmud@lihi.org

Phone: 206-512-7855

No other vacancies at this time, but if there is a particular property you are interested in, please call the office of that property.  List of Properties.