Phinney House
    • Address: 12025 Phinney Ave. North, Seattle 98133
    • Units: 7 bedrooms in one house
    • Management: The scattered site houses are self-managed. Our self-management model is requires minimal staffing, relying on residents to create their own rules and manage their own houses. Self-managed housing is successful because it gives residents the opportunity to take charge of their own lives and living environments, places them in situations and neighborhoods that model traditional permanent housing, and teaches them cooperation and community values.
    • Owner: LIHI

Description: Phinney House operates under the Church Council of Greater Seattle’s "scattered site" model of 8 cooperative-style houses provides housing for up to 42 residents at a time in residential neighborhoods throughout King County. These residences can house homeless men and women for up to two years. Through personal goal setting, employment assistance, and the development of self-management skills, participants gain needed resources in order to stabilize and move on to steady employment and permanent housing.

Phinney House provides transitional housing for homeless individuals in south Seattle.

Must income qualify and pass a background check.

How much rent would you pay?
Rent is based on 30% of a resident’s monthly income (minimum $40.00) and requires a $100 security deposit upon move in.

How to Apply:
Contact the HomeStep Program: 206-357-3160