Lakeview Apartments
    • Address: 1170 Harrison St.; Seattle, WA 98109
    • Units: 59 units; sizes include studio, 1, and 2 bedroom apartments, & 2-bedroom townhouses.
    • Management: LIHI
    • Owner: LIHI
      • Bus Access
      • On-site laundry
      • On-site parking

Description: The Lakeview is located in the South Lake Union area, within walking distance of downtown Seattle and Capital Hill.

Income must be verifiable as less than 30% - 60% of Area Median Income. All applicants are screened for criminal and residential history.

How much rent would you pay?
Rents are set at affordable limits based upon annual household income. Some units are subsidized by Seattle Housing Authority, with rents based upon a percentage of tenant income.

How to Apply:
If units are available, they will be listed on our Available Units Page.

 Contact: 206-254-0405