Broadway House
    • Address: 2609 Broadway Ave. E; Seattle, WA 98102
    • Units: 7 units of permanent housing for homeless women.
    • Management: LIHI
    • Owner: LIHI
      • On-site washer and dryer
      • Case management
      • Bus access

Description: The Broadway House is a large house in the Roanoke neighborhood with individual rooms for each resident. Residents share a kitchen, two bathrooms and other common areas. The house has three floors and a basement, all reached by stairs and is not wheelchair accessible. The house has regular meetings for the residents. Residents share the household chores and participate in community events. The program follows the resident managed "Mutual Housing" model. It is located in the north end of Capital Hill, directly off of Roanoke St.

Would you be eligible to live here?
Women must income qualify and pass a background check.

How much rent would you pay?
Broadway House is a project based Section 8 building which charges 30% of income for rent.

How to Apply: If units are available, they will be listed on our Available Units Page.