Arion Court
    • Address: 1814 Minor Ave., Seattle WA 98101
    • Units: 37 Single-Room Occupancy (SRO) units with shared bathrooms, for currently homeless persons.
    • Management: LIHI
    • Owner: LIHI
      • Washer/ dryer on each floor
      • Shared bathrooms and showers
      • Utilities included in rent

Description: Arion Court has 37 units for homeless persons, with a large community room/kitchen area. It is located in downtown Seattle, close to shopping and public transportation. Each unit is approx. 175 square feet and has a stove top, fridge, sink, and closet. There are three floors accessed by stairs.

Eligibility: Transitional Units for Veterans at Arion Court are filled by referral from the VA. Permanent units are primarily filled by tenants coming out of our transitional program. So generally there will be no units available for public application. In the rare instance that there is a public vacancy it will be listed on the Available Units page of the website.

How much rent would you pay?
Units are subsidized by Seattle Housing Authority. Each resident pays no more than 30% of their income for rent.

How to Apply: Please call 206-343-1375 for vacancy information.