Urban Rest Stop Funding Restored!

LIHI got overwhelming support from all 9 members of the Seattle City Council for restoring $200,000 in funding each year to the Urban Rest Stop! Special thanks for CM Bagshaw for sponsoring and CM Sawant, Harrell, Godden and O'Brien for signing on early on the green sheet.  We thank our many supporters for calling and emailing City Council. This really made a difference. Other budget additions will help homeless people, SHARE, WHEEL and Nickelsville. An important add was $250,000 in capital funds for the University Food Bank at LIHI's University Commons project. $200,000 was also set aside for recommendations from the Unsheltered Homeless Task Force, which LIHI Director Sharon Lee was appointed to.

Advocacy for restoring URS funding was widespread and wonderful:

We had eight Urban Rest Stop patrons testify at meetings to urge city council to protect funding for the URS and we collected 312 letters of support from patrons, past patrons, volunteers, staff and community members.

A sampling of comments from the support letters:

"I am 24 years of age, and I really appreciate the services that the Urban Rest Stop provides. I've been working hard to turn my life around and now that I'm working as a cook, I need this place to shower and do laundry..."

"It is a lifeline for me."

"I am a disabled homeless person who has been on a 4 year waiting list for my own low income housing. Without the Urban Rest Stop I would not have access to critical basic hygiene."

"URS is the light at the end of the night."

"The staff at the URS are the most caring and understanding people. They treat you with such respect, they treat you like a human."


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